Oops! I did it again…

Don’t you just hate it when your finger accidentally slips over the “add to cart” and “pay now” buttons on a website? No? Neither do I really, especially when it means I end up with another lovely new wrap 😉

I mean, I really just had to buy it: it’s a different size, colour and blend to my others so it was the only sensible thing to do! That enough justification yet? OK, how about the fact that it’s really pretty?


It’s a Yaro ‘la vita’ natural hemp/cotton blend and, although it might not show up in the photo, the hemp fibres (the white ones) have a beautiful lustre. It is going to take a bit of work to break this one in, it was stiff as a board coming out of the packet. However are a wash, line dry and being ironed 4 times end to end I can already feel a difference. I’m sure with some use and some more ironing it’ll be buttery soft in no time.

I’ve gone for a size 3 this time so I can add a shorty to my stash. And even though we only had time before bed for a quick ruck for big brother to try it out and a Poppin’s hip carry with little brother, it does seem just the right length for what I’ll want it for. Excellent!