What I’ve been up to this week!

Hello all! It’s been a busy old week for me, with lots of things to make, places to go and people to see. I’m not complaining at all, it’s been great to have so much to do!

The week started off by going to a friend’s flat to watch the end of festival fireworks. We let young sir stay up late to watch them with us and he loved it. It was so sweet to see how excited he got about the sudden eruption of colours in the sky, especially when he kept checking everyone else was watching too.

Then the beginning of the week was taken up with finishing off some sweet little embroideries I was making for my friend who has just had her second baby. I made two, one for the new baby and one for her new big sister as I didn’t want her to feel left out:


I really enjoyed making these. It’s been a while since I did any hand embroidery and I was very pleased with how they turned out, and more importantly my friend really liked them so all the work was worth it!

Then I had to whip up a kilt outfit for a lovely little man who is off to a wedding on Sunday and needed something to wear. He’s only 3 months old, and I think he is going to look adorable in this:


The teeny tiny flashes are possibly my favourite part of this outfit. They just look so cute in such a small size!

And then this morning I was really excited to take delivery of our new bathroom suite! I cannot wait to have it all installed and take a lovely long soak in the bath. I know our current bathroom works fine, but really, who ever thought that a brown suite, bronze swirly tiles and wood panelling was a good look? And in such a small space! I really hope I won’t look back on some of my own design decisions in years to come and wonder the same thing!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have a great weekend planned!

Deluxe Kilt Package

I’m very excited to announce that I have introduced a new product to my little shop, and even more pleased to say that it is one for the boys! It aways seems that boys are somewhat overlooked in the world of handmade, and hopefully this will help change that, just a little!

So here it is: the deluxe kilt package! It comes with a kilt, waistcoat, tie or bowtie, and flashes, so all you need to finish the outfit is a shirt, socks and shoes. The kilt is made from polyviscose tartan, and not wool, which means it’s much softer against the skin (for the little one wearing it), and it’s machine washable (for us parents who have to consider such things!). It fastens with a button and a popper, both of which can be moved along the inner front panel to extend the life of the kilt. The inside of the kilt is lined over the pleats to make it more comfortable and to keep the pleats sitting where they should. And the waistband is finished in lovely soft cotton so that it won’t rub on baby’s delicate skin. There are also more pleats than in my basic kilt, which means that it is a little heavier and will sit better on even wriggly toddlers!


It comes with a waistcoat made in a complimentary colour, picked from the colours in the tartan. The lady I made this outfit for asked for a green waistcoat and I chose this bottle green cotton which nicely coordinated with the dark green in the Dress Gordon tartan. The front panels of the waistcoat are lined with medium weight interfacing to give them a bit more structure, and there is a tie at the back to give it a little adjustment. The waistcoat and the kilt both use the same celtic buttons.


This outfit came with a pre-tied tie, but the package is also available with a pre-tied or self-tying bowtie. The tie is made from the same tartan as the kilt, and fastens at the back of the neck using a popper. This means that it will come undone if pulled hard so that it isn’t a choking hazard.


When I had finished these three pieces I couldn’t resist laying it all out together to see how it looked. And I have to say I was pretty pleased, even if I do say so myself!


The deluxe kilt package is available through my facebook page or you can contact me with any enquiries. Prices start from £45 for the complete package

Where it all started: The baby poncho!

I came up with the idea of starting my business after a present for a friend received such positive feedback. She had been complaining about the difficulty of fighting her newborn daughter’s arms through her jacket sleeves, but said that the ponchos she had seen were all so expensive she couldn’t justify spending so much money when it would last such a short time. So I decided to see what I could whip up. I did a little maths and drafted a pattern then headed off to the fabric shop, one of my favourite outings!

For this first poncho I went for a gorgeous cream coloured dimple minky and lined it with soft cotton jersey. If you’ve never come across minky before I can highly recommend it as the softest fabric I think I’ve ever felt. It’s perfect for cuddling… just like babies! Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of that first poncho, but this cape is made from the extra fabric I bought that day:
I gave my friend the poncho and everyone who saw it said nice things, which planted the seed of the idea for my business!

The next two ponchos I made were both as presents for little boys and looked like this:
A lovely soft fleece lined flannel (brushed cotton for those not in the know!). Again they went down well so I decided that once my own little bundle was a bit bigger I would try my hand at making ponchos to sell.

So now I have a whole variety of ponchos and capes, with even more ideas swimming round in my head for new lines.

There are basic ponchos which are a single layer of fleece with the raw edges encased in bias binding, for boys and for girls:

Reversible ponchos that tie round the waist:

Tartan capes made from polyviscose (softer and easier to care for than woolen tartan) and lined with fleece, both with a hood:
And without:

And from there I then started making girls and boys clothes, and maternity and nursing wear. But that’s another story 😉