A special thank you present

I go to my local breastfeeding support group on a Tuesday morning and have always enjoyed the supportive community of mums we have there. We’ve helped each other through bad latch, thrush, mastitis, nursing strikes, cracks, you name it, someone’s asked about it. And a big part of that support has come from the lovely midwife who lead the group.

But, sadly for us, we found out that Gemma was leaving to work on her other venture teaching natal hypnotherapy through Positive Birth Scotland. Now I’ve not been to any of her classes, but I’ve used natal hypnotherapy myself in both my labours, and Gemma is so lovely that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend contacting her if you are in Edinburgh and interested in trying it for yourself. It helped me through two completely different births: the first in hospital where I had no control of anything and a distressed baby, and the second a calm (ish! It was still giving birth!) home water birth. And I even use the relaxation and breathing on a daily basis to help me keep my cool.

Anyway, I made Gemma a little thank you present to go along with the flowers and cakes we all chipped in for (I also made my raw date and cashew cookies), a little breastfeeding embroidery to remind her of her time with us:


I’ll be honest I like this so much I might make one for myself!