Princess Canvas

Recently it was a friend’s daughter’s first birthday and I decided to go for the personal touch and make her a present instead of buying something. I wasn’t sure what to make her but inspiration struck one day whilst I was out shopping. I saw a canvas on a wooden frame in the same aisle as some Disney princess stickers and this gave me the idea for my project.

I decided to make a sign saying ‘Princess Ava’, but use colours that weren’t too girly so that the finished canvas wouldn’t be too sickly sweet! I also bought some tubes of poster paint in primary colours and gold glitter paint and I was all set.

I started by sketching out the design on the canvas, using the free ‘Disney’ font. There are lots of free (and really cool) fonts available online (I just googled for it as I knew the name of the font I wanted, but you could also try places like for inspiration), but as Disney was my inspiration I decided that’s the font I would use. The sketch was done freehand, but if it had been a more complex design I would probably have printed it out first and traced it. As it was, I was pretty pleased with the finished outline, so I started to paint. It became clear after the first couple of brush strokes that the picture would need at least two layers as it was not leaving an even finish. So I painted the whole of the blue background first. Then did two layers on each of the letters, flowers and hearts, leaving plenty of time in between each layer for the paint to fully dry, before finishing off the letters and flowers with a layer of the gold glitter paint. Once that was all dry came the second background layer and the whole picture was finished off by going around the outside of the letters, hearts and flowers with a black pen to give them nicely defined edges. Done!


So Ava, I hope you like your birthday present!