It’s finally here! New wrap day

Do you remember months ago I told you is made my first purchase for baby boy? I saw a beautiful wrap on a video tutorial on wrap you in love and fell in love with it. Well, after much faff, it’s had a detour, moved house in another country and was eventually retrieved by my big sister when she went on holiday, and it’s finally here! My lovely Pollora Iceflower:


And thankfully even after all this time I still love it and still think it’s beautiful (phew!) And after a wash, dry and iron it’s ready to be used 🙂

It was mainly bought to be used with baby boy however it’s so thick and supportive it’s even comfy to use with big boy, as I found out when he insisted on having a turn!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a gorgeous baby to snuggle in a beautiful wrap!


*I’ve just noticed the little tongue in the photo and also the giant wet patch… Apparently this wrap is delicious too! 😉

My first* purchase for the new baby

*OK technically this wasn’t my very first purchase for this baby, as I’ve bought a pack of 2 sleep suits and a little toy giraffe, but I don’t think they really count! This has been my first exciting purchase.

Like many people these days I’m very keen on baby wearing. Now, if you aren’t familiar with the term, it simply means carrying your baby as opposed to only using a pram, for example. There are lots of benefits to carrying babies, and let’s face it, little babies are so darn cute who wouldn’t want to get more cuddles whilst also not being confined to the couch?

I found it invaluable for getting anything done as young sir was not keen to be laid down as a little baby. It also meant that public transport and shops were not the nightmare they can be with a pram.

Last time I made a ring sling using 2 metres of fairly sturdy cotton fabric and two sling rings, the total cost of which was less than £10. Not bad for the freedom it gave me! Of course you don’t have to make a sling, there are lots of different styles, fabrics and patterns to suit any taste and budget, for example I’ve seen one for sale for €5000! But that was just a little out of my price range, and was a very special edition.

This time around I’ve decided to try a wrap as well as my trusty red sling. A wrap is basically a very long rectangle of fabric which you wrap around yourself in any number of different ways depending on how you want to carry your child. And it was whilst watching instructional videos by the very talented creator of Wrap You In Love  (how cool is she? Although I would never ever be brave enough to do the same, I love her tattoos and rainbow Mohawk!) that I saw The One.
You know, the thing you didn’t know was missing from your life, but now that you know, you must own it? Yeah, that One. It was love at first sight, and I immediately set about finding where I could buy myself the gorgeous Pollora Iceflower.


That was where the fun began, as even though Pollora is a German company, I couldn’t find anywhere in Europe that had them in stock. I even tried a preloved sling site to see if perchance there was one for sale, but no such luck. Eventually I found a company in the US that had them in stock, and, even better, on sale! Woo! But they don’t ship internationally. Boo 😦

Luckily for me though my nephew is working in the US just now, and he has kindly agreed to let me ship it to him, then bring it over for me when he comes back at Christmas time. Yay!

So I really hope that when I finally get it, I still love it as much as I do just now!