Homemade peanut butter

Ok, so I realised I’ve been a bit of an eejit (no rude comments please!).

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about peanut butter: Palm oil, rainforests and also the cost of it in the shop. In my local supermarket the cheapest peanut butter to only contain peanuts (and no palm oil) is about 3 times the price of the basic, cheap peanut butter. Now that’s a huge difference for only ~12% more peanuts per jar!

But the other day I had an “ah ha!/can’t believe I didn’t think of that before” moment. Make my own! Seriously, how did peanuts + food processor = peanut butter not occur to me before? But anyway, I digress.

I bought a packet of own brand roasted and salted peanuts, which cost even less than the cheapest peanut butter.


200g bag of peanuts
2-3 tbsps oil (vegetable/coconut/etc)

First of all I washed them to strip off most of the salt, then scattered them on a baking tray and roasted them for a few minutes to intensify the flavour.
Once they had cooled slightly I tipped them into my food processor and blitzed them until they had a fine, crumb-like consistency.

With the food processor still running I began slowly drizzling in the oil, which was necessary to lubricate the mixture in my home machine. Every so often I stopped the machine and scraped the sides to make sure no big bits were missed.

Once the mixture was at the desired consistency I simply turned off the machine and spooned the mixture into a clean jar.


The whole process took maybe 15 minutes, so it took less time and money than a trip to the shop to buy some. And I know exactly what’s in it. I call that a win!

All in all I’m glad I had my ah ha moment, even though I feel like a numpty for not thinking of it sooner!