Lemon meringue pie! Well, sort of…

Did you guess this is what was coming? I’m sure you did, it was a pretty obvious next step after meringue and then lemon curd!

I’ll admit right now that this post is a bit of a tease as I’m not including a recipe or method just now, for reasons that will become clear. However I’ll be back with one soon!

It all started out so well: I had little brother asleep on my back in the wrap, big brother helping out as only a toddler can (ie pulling things out of drawers and cupboards and intermittently demanding toast…). The pastry was made, chilled and blind baked with no problems.

I spooned in the lemon curd, licked the spoon, life was good.

Then I thought I’d experiment and I think that was the problem. I tried an Italian version of the meringue recipe and added hot sugar syrup to the whipped chick pea water, but I think all that happened was it made the meringue too wet and gooey. But I topped the pie and popped it in the oven, keeping my fingers crossed. It certainly looked the part!





You might notice the meringue is really gooey and the lemon curd ran once the pie was cut (which was quite possibly because the pie was still warm as we were too impatient to wait for it to totally cool). But it was still delicious! Those plates are testament to that fact 😉

So I shall have another go and when I’m happy with my method I’ll share it with you.

Anyone else got a delicious baking experiment/mishap they want to share to make me feel better?!