How did you spend Monday?

So we had a great fun week last week. What with mastitis, our boiler needing flushed and finding out that our dishwasher has secretly been leaking and the whole floor is soaked under the vinyl. So. Much. Fun.

The mastitis was probably the least bad part of that lot, which is saying something! And I can also confirm that raw garlic really does work as an antibiotic. I wasn’t able to get to the dr so I checked kellymom and one of the home remedies suggested 3-5 cloves of garlic a day, combined with a high dose (3000-5000mg) of vitamin C. I might not have been hugely popular with my poor husband but it did the trick! And having seen part of a (terrifying) programme about antibiotic resistant superbugs I can now feel like I’ve done my bit by not using antibiotics this time.

The boiler needing flushed was actually a blessing in disguise as it was whilst looking for underfloor access that the repair man discovered that the floor was wet. And a little investigating on our part found that the water inlet pipe connector has been leaking, and the water was running down the side and under the vinyl which is why we had no idea.


I never did like that flooring but this wasn’t really the circumstances under which I imagined changing it! But change it we will have to as there was no way to lift it all intact to let the floorboards dry out.

And that’s how I spent Monday:


Lifting vinyl, cutting plywood, scraping off adhesive, and airing my kitchen floorboards with the help of my wonderful dad. Some of which was done with a baby strapped to my back. As you do.

Luckily today is a day off as there’s nothing we can do until the boards are dry, so I shall be spending much of today choosing my new kitchen floor. Time to shop! 🙂