Where it all started: The baby poncho!

I came up with the idea of starting my business after a present for a friend received such positive feedback. She had been complaining about the difficulty of fighting her newborn daughter’s arms through her jacket sleeves, but said that the ponchos she had seen were all so expensive she couldn’t justify spending so much money when it would last such a short time. So I decided to see what I could whip up. I did a little maths and drafted a pattern then headed off to the fabric shop, one of my favourite outings!

For this first poncho I went for a gorgeous cream coloured dimple minky and lined it with soft cotton jersey. If you’ve never come across minky before I can highly recommend it as the softest fabric I think I’ve ever felt. It’s perfect for cuddling… just like babies! Unfortunately I don’t have a good photo of that first poncho, but this cape is made from the extra fabric I bought that day:
I gave my friend the poncho and everyone who saw it said nice things, which planted the seed of the idea for my business!

The next two ponchos I made were both as presents for little boys and looked like this:
A lovely soft fleece lined flannel (brushed cotton for those not in the know!). Again they went down well so I decided that once my own little bundle was a bit bigger I would try my hand at making ponchos to sell.

So now I have a whole variety of ponchos and capes, with even more ideas swimming round in my head for new lines.

There are basic ponchos which are a single layer of fleece with the raw edges encased in bias binding, for boys and for girls:

Reversible ponchos that tie round the waist:

Tartan capes made from polyviscose (softer and easier to care for than woolen tartan) and lined with fleece, both with a hood:
And without:

And from there I then started making girls and boys clothes, and maternity and nursing wear. But that’s another story 😉