IKEA Bargains!

Oh my goodness, is anyone else in love with the IKEA bargain corner? If you’ve never visited it I can highly recommend taking a peep the next time you’re there, in my local store it’s located in a corner beside the checkouts.

A lot of what you’ll find there is damaged, but if you have the time for a rummage, and you look at the potential in an object, not necessarily it’s original function, then your creative side will be as happy as mine is! Today I found these two beauties:


The white one is supposed to be a glass door for a bookcase, and I’ve no idea what the little wooden thing is supposed to be! But for a total cost of £1.30 I thought I’d have some fun and give them a new and different purpose!

I’m currently thinking that I’ll use the wooden piece as a little shelf on my craft table to give me extra storage space. So I’ll need to find something to raise it up on.

And the door will become a picture frame for above our bed. I just need to decide what will go in it and buy some heavy duty picture wire as it is quite heavy.

So when I get my projects done, I’ll let you know! And hopefully it will inspire you to see the possibilities in the random things you find 🙂