Oh magic sponge, where have you been all my life?!

Sorry for a slightly nonsense post (but I’m very tired and not up to a proper post) however: oh my goodness, how amazing are magic sponges?!

A friend was talking about them on Facebook the other day and so when I happened across them in the supermarket I thought I’d give them a try. And after I’d finished the washing up last night I got one out to test it on the stubborn stain at the side of my sink and my word was it easy to clean!

Which did then lead to a little bit of a cleaning frenzy, culminating in the easiest oven door clean I’ve ever done. Usually even after steam cleaning and scrubbing there’s a stubborn film left behind but this incredible little sponge got rid of it, using only soapy water, with minimal effort. Amazing!

Honestly: go and buy some. You can thank me later!

And now I’m going to stop, because I do realise how sad it is that I’m this excited about a cleaning product. But hey, that’s how I roll these days 😉