Where has the time gone?!

Happy new year! I can’t quite believe it’s mid-January already and baby boy has been here 3 1/2 weeks already. Although saying that I already can’t imagine life without him!

This has been our first week with daddy back at work, and we’re doing pretty well finding our feet. Big brother has been so good with baby and every day he makes me proud. I’m just hoping that the harmony (and lack of jealousy) continues, and they’ll be running around as little amigos before I know it. And no, I’m not kidding myself that it’ll always be perfect but I hope there will more harmony than chaos!

So, what have we been up to? Not a whole lot really, we’ve spent a lot of time cuddling, playing, reading stories, housework, basically just carrying on as normal. Play dates, a zoo trip and visits have taken up the rest of our time, so no time for any crafting for me. Which is a little sad because my lovely parents gave me an overlocker for Christmas which I’m very much looking forward to using! But it’s not going anywhere, and the wonderful, squishy, newborn stage is over so quickly I’m going to get as many cuddles as I possibly can :mrgreen:

Speaking of which Christmas was a bit different this year with a 5 day old baby! For the very first time we spent the whole day in our house, just us. Present opening was lots of fun, and again young sir slightly shocked us, but also made us very proud, when he firstly put down his chocolate reindeer to eat the apple from his stocking, and then stopped opening his presents because “that’s too many presents for me, mummy”! They did eventually get opened, but he took his time and had a good play with everything before moving on.

Clever baby even had a present for big brother! Which was much appreciated but did cause him to stop in his tracks and question how baby had bought him a present? “Erm… Baby told mummy what he wanted to give you, and mummy bought it for him” seemed to do the trick! Haha

Baby has been so good, he’s very contented, loves being wrapped and cuddled, feeds well and even sleeps pretty well (touch wood!) only waking once or twice a night for a quick feed then back to sleep. Wrapping him has been wonderful, he goes straight to sleep and it leaves me with 2 hands free to play with big brother, cook, do housework, whatever! And just l look how gorgeous and snuggly he looks in there:


OK, that’s enough for now, otherwise I’ll be tempted to just totally over fill this post with yummy baby pics!