Real nappies and wool covers

You might not be surprised to know that along with breastfeeding, babywearing and co sleeping, we also use real, or cloth, nappies. And it’s not just for their green credentials, although not sending hundreds of disposables to landfill every year is a big part of it. They are much cheaper over the course of a baby’s time in nappies, less likely to leak (really this is my biggest plus point, I hate the poo up the back phenomenon in disposables), and they are so incredibly cute. I mean really, have you seen some of the designs?! Here’s a peak at some of my pretties:


But I digress, what I actually wanted to tell you about was using wool covers instead of PUL. Doesn’t sound like it would work, does it? But a properly lanolised wool cover really doesn’t leak, and can actually leave baby’s bum drier as the wool can breathe more than a PUL cover.

In my experiment with wool I’ve been using a soaker at night time over a well boosted bamboo nappy, and we’ve not had a single leak!

Even better is the fact that you can easily knit, or crochet, your own woolies and you don’t need to buy them. Although if you don’t knit yourself there are lots of WAHMs out there who do, and who sell their creations on the likes of Facebook and Etsy. As I can knit, I’ve made 2 soakers using the Snapdragon Soaker pattern by Heather Fox, which is available for free on ravelry. I finished mine with ribbed leg cuffs and an i-cord drawstring.


You can use different types of wool to make a soaker so long as it is not superwash treated and is 100% wool (although I believe you can get away with 80% wool I haven’t tried it myself). The reason the wool can’t be treated is that it won’t then hold the lanolin which is what makes these covers waterproof. I chose to use DROPS Alaska from Wool Warehouse as it comes in nice colours and is very reasonably priced (I paid £1.60/50g). Also it came in such beautiful packaging, I shall definitely be ordering from them again!


As it’s 100% wool it does have to be washed by hand, or using the hand wash cycle on your machine (if you can trust it 😉 ), then re-lanolised before being dried flat, although they are small enough that they don’t take too long to dry or take up much space. However you don’t need to wash the covers unless they get dirty (poo!), start leaking or smell bad after use, simply hanging them up to air between uses is enough. And when you’re already doing all the extra loads of washing that comes with small children, one less thing to constantly wash has to be a good thing!

All in all I’m very pleased with the results of my wooly experiment. If you’ve been thinking of trying it yourself or are curious enough to give it a go then I can highly recommend it!

Oops! I did it again…

Don’t you just hate it when your finger accidentally slips over the “add to cart” and “pay now” buttons on a website? No? Neither do I really, especially when it means I end up with another lovely new wrap 😉

I mean, I really just had to buy it: it’s a different size, colour and blend to my others so it was the only sensible thing to do! That enough justification yet? OK, how about the fact that it’s really pretty?


It’s a Yaro ‘la vita’ natural hemp/cotton blend and, although it might not show up in the photo, the hemp fibres (the white ones) have a beautiful lustre. It is going to take a bit of work to break this one in, it was stiff as a board coming out of the packet. However are a wash, line dry and being ironed 4 times end to end I can already feel a difference. I’m sure with some use and some more ironing it’ll be buttery soft in no time.

I’ve gone for a size 3 this time so I can add a shorty to my stash. And even though we only had time before bed for a quick ruck for big brother to try it out and a Poppin’s hip carry with little brother, it does seem just the right length for what I’ll want it for. Excellent!

A special thank you present

I go to my local breastfeeding support group on a Tuesday morning and have always enjoyed the supportive community of mums we have there. We’ve helped each other through bad latch, thrush, mastitis, nursing strikes, cracks, you name it, someone’s asked about it. And a big part of that support has come from the lovely midwife who lead the group.

But, sadly for us, we found out that Gemma was leaving to work on her other venture teaching natal hypnotherapy through Positive Birth Scotland. Now I’ve not been to any of her classes, but I’ve used natal hypnotherapy myself in both my labours, and Gemma is so lovely that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend contacting her if you are in Edinburgh and interested in trying it for yourself. It helped me through two completely different births: the first in hospital where I had no control of anything and a distressed baby, and the second a calm (ish! It was still giving birth!) home water birth. And I even use the relaxation and breathing on a daily basis to help me keep my cool.

Anyway, I made Gemma a little thank you present to go along with the flowers and cakes we all chipped in for (I also made my raw date and cashew cookies), a little breastfeeding embroidery to remind her of her time with us:


I’ll be honest I like this so much I might make one for myself!

It’s finally here! New wrap day

Do you remember months ago I told you is made my first purchase for baby boy? I saw a beautiful wrap on a video tutorial on wrap you in love and fell in love with it. Well, after much faff, it’s had a detour, moved house in another country and was eventually retrieved by my big sister when she went on holiday, and it’s finally here! My lovely Pollora Iceflower:


And thankfully even after all this time I still love it and still think it’s beautiful (phew!) And after a wash, dry and iron it’s ready to be used 🙂

It was mainly bought to be used with baby boy however it’s so thick and supportive it’s even comfy to use with big boy, as I found out when he insisted on having a turn!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a gorgeous baby to snuggle in a beautiful wrap!


*I’ve just noticed the little tongue in the photo and also the giant wet patch… Apparently this wrap is delicious too! 😉

Baby update!

Baby boy is nearly 6 weeks old. Crazy! He’s going through his first developmental leap and suddenly when he is awake you can see he is taking in his surroudings and really looking at things. It’s almost like suddenly there’s a proper little person in there, taking an interest in everyone and everything! He loves to look at his big brother, and turns his head towards him when he hears his voice.

It does mean he has been a bit grumpy in the evenings, but lots of skin-to-skin cuddles and mummy milk seems to do the trick, as well as lots of time in the wrap during the day. Luckily that means I’m still able to get (some!) housework and cooking done as well as entertaining big brother.

We’ve also had our first real smiles and I finally managed to get one on camera today!


I *think* big brother got the first official smile, but daddy and I definitely got some last Friday and have done every day since 🙂

He looks so much like his big brother that I did a little experiment to prove how similar they are. I used a photo of big brother at this age and dressed baby in the same jumper and lay him on his changing mat. It’s almost a little freaky just how similar they are!



That’s little brother first, and big brother second, but I think I’ll have to keep in mind who had which changing mat or I’ll never remember! It’ll be really interesting to see how similar they are as they grow up. Will I end up with a little pair of clones?!

Newborn photoshoot with Hillson Photography

The mum of a friend of mine from playgroup is a photographer, so we took baby along to get some photos taken when he was 2 1/2 weeks old. Ideally babies should be even younger than this as they go into a deeper sleep and are less easily disturbed so they can be posed.

But we have a baby who, even now at 5 1/2 weeks, sleeps a lot (like 20 hours a day) so we thought it’d be ok. We followed our instructions and woke him up over an hour before our shoot for a feed and kept him awake so that he’d be nice and sleepy when we arrived.

When we got there Simone had us strip him down to his nappyand give him a feed to help him go to sleep. Unfortunately he was having none of it and was the most wide awake he had ever been! Unfortunately that was the theme of the whole shoot, but Simone was incredibly patient and, in the two, very brief moments he did shut his eyes, managed to get some gorgeous photos:



Isn’t he adorable?! If SUPER WIDE AWAKE! He was awake for 4 hours in the end. 4 hours! That’s still by far the longest he has been awake in his entire life! Aah well, never work with children and animals, right?

Despite our awkward baby, we had a great time with Simone and I can highly recommend her if you are looking for a photographer in Edinburgh. Her new studio is opening soon in Davidsons Mains, and to celebrate she is offering 20% off everything booked for February! I particularly like the look of the cake smash sessions she does for babies first birthdays, it looks like so much fun!

You can check out her website here and her facebook page here. Why not pop over and take a look at her work? And if you like what you see just remember, sharing’s caring! 🙂

Where has the time gone?!

Happy new year! I can’t quite believe it’s mid-January already and baby boy has been here 3 1/2 weeks already. Although saying that I already can’t imagine life without him!

This has been our first week with daddy back at work, and we’re doing pretty well finding our feet. Big brother has been so good with baby and every day he makes me proud. I’m just hoping that the harmony (and lack of jealousy) continues, and they’ll be running around as little amigos before I know it. And no, I’m not kidding myself that it’ll always be perfect but I hope there will more harmony than chaos!

So, what have we been up to? Not a whole lot really, we’ve spent a lot of time cuddling, playing, reading stories, housework, basically just carrying on as normal. Play dates, a zoo trip and visits have taken up the rest of our time, so no time for any crafting for me. Which is a little sad because my lovely parents gave me an overlocker for Christmas which I’m very much looking forward to using! But it’s not going anywhere, and the wonderful, squishy, newborn stage is over so quickly I’m going to get as many cuddles as I possibly can :mrgreen:

Speaking of which Christmas was a bit different this year with a 5 day old baby! For the very first time we spent the whole day in our house, just us. Present opening was lots of fun, and again young sir slightly shocked us, but also made us very proud, when he firstly put down his chocolate reindeer to eat the apple from his stocking, and then stopped opening his presents because “that’s too many presents for me, mummy”! They did eventually get opened, but he took his time and had a good play with everything before moving on.

Clever baby even had a present for big brother! Which was much appreciated but did cause him to stop in his tracks and question how baby had bought him a present? “Erm… Baby told mummy what he wanted to give you, and mummy bought it for him” seemed to do the trick! Haha

Baby has been so good, he’s very contented, loves being wrapped and cuddled, feeds well and even sleeps pretty well (touch wood!) only waking once or twice a night for a quick feed then back to sleep. Wrapping him has been wonderful, he goes straight to sleep and it leaves me with 2 hands free to play with big brother, cook, do housework, whatever! And just l look how gorgeous and snuggly he looks in there:


OK, that’s enough for now, otherwise I’ll be tempted to just totally over fill this post with yummy baby pics!