Eton mess

So, you’ve made a lovely meringue but it fell apart when you tried to lift it off the banking paper. Don’t panic!

I had such lovely plans to make a pavlova from yesterday’s yummy vegan meringues. However, as you might have guessed, they fell apart. Doh! So instead of a beautifully layered pavlova, I’ve made (with exactly the same ingredients) an Eton Mess, which is basically the same thing but all mixed up in a bowl and equally delicious.


Meringue (I used up most of my batch from yesterday, minus the couple we “sampled” last night ;P )
1 can of full fat coconut milk
Vanilla extract

Scoop your meringue bits into a large bowl. To this we’re going to add some whipped cream, I used a half quantity of my basic coconut whipped cream which I slackened with a generous tablespoon of coconut water from the bottom of the can. I also added about 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract, but you could add more, less or leave it out altogether if you like. Whisk it all together using an electric hand whisk until it is the consistency of ‘regular’ whipped cream. Spoon half the mixture into the bowl and half into a sealable container and pop it into the fridge for another day.

Chop up about 150g of strawberries, roughly into eighths, and add them to the bowl too.

Then gently mix the ingredients together, you aren’t trying to get a completely uniform consistency so just mix gently.


And that’s it! You could put it into individual serving dishes if you wish, or leave it in the big bowl to serve at the table. Enjoy!


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