It’s finally here! New wrap day

Do you remember months ago I told you is made my first purchase for baby boy? I saw a beautiful wrap on a video tutorial on wrap you in love and fell in love with it. Well, after much faff, it’s had a detour, moved house in another country and was eventually retrieved by my big sister when she went on holiday, and it’s finally here! My lovely Pollora Iceflower:


And thankfully even after all this time I still love it and still think it’s beautiful (phew!) And after a wash, dry and iron it’s ready to be used 🙂

It was mainly bought to be used with baby boy however it’s so thick and supportive it’s even comfy to use with big boy, as I found out when he insisted on having a turn!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a gorgeous baby to snuggle in a beautiful wrap!


*I’ve just noticed the little tongue in the photo and also the giant wet patch… Apparently this wrap is delicious too! 😉


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