Baby update!

Baby boy is nearly 6 weeks old. Crazy! He’s going through his first developmental leap and suddenly when he is awake you can see he is taking in his surroudings and really looking at things. It’s almost like suddenly there’s a proper little person in there, taking an interest in everyone and everything! He loves to look at his big brother, and turns his head towards him when he hears his voice.

It does mean he has been a bit grumpy in the evenings, but lots of skin-to-skin cuddles and mummy milk seems to do the trick, as well as lots of time in the wrap during the day. Luckily that means I’m still able to get (some!) housework and cooking done as well as entertaining big brother.

We’ve also had our first real smiles and I finally managed to get one on camera today!


I *think* big brother got the first official smile, but daddy and I definitely got some last Friday and have done every day since 🙂

He looks so much like his big brother that I did a little experiment to prove how similar they are. I used a photo of big brother at this age and dressed baby in the same jumper and lay him on his changing mat. It’s almost a little freaky just how similar they are!



That’s little brother first, and big brother second, but I think I’ll have to keep in mind who had which changing mat or I’ll never remember! It’ll be really interesting to see how similar they are as they grow up. Will I end up with a little pair of clones?!


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