Early Christmas present

T’was 5 days before Christmas
When all through the house
Something was stirring
And not just a mouse!

The sleep suit was hung
On the radiator with care
In the hopes that the baby
Soon would be there

With Ma in her birth pool
And Pa with the towels
We readied ourselves
For the new baby howls

When out of the water
There arose such a cry
From one tiny body
With two little eyes

I’m delighted to introduced you to my new little man, who was born at home in the pool on Saturday afternoon. It was an incredible experience giving birth in my own home, by the lights of the Christmas tree and the crooners Christmas album playing in the background.


A completely different experience to my first labour, and one I will treasure for a lifetime. It was a long hard slog getting into established labour (first contraction was at 11am on Friday!) but, when it was time to push, baby just popped out! He’s a dinky little dude at only 6lb 12oz / 3kg, but completely perfect and we all love him. Especially his big brother who is being so loving and attentive it’s truly heart warming, I’m so proud of him 💞

My most perfect Christmas present 😁



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