You can always learn from your Mother…

Last week we had a second bramble picking trip and came home with another huge box full of fresh, ripe brambles. More than we could possibly use fresh, so like the excess from the first batch, my plan was to freeze the rest for later.

When I mentioned this to my mum, as we were deep in a bush trying to avoid nettles, she said “so are you freezing them spread on a tray so they don’t all stick together?” Erm… No. I’ll be honest, first time round that thought didn’t even occur to me, mum. All I did was wash them and put them straight into a freezer bag. Meaning now I have a solid lump of frozen brambles in a bag! Oops! I guess I’ll be getting out the rolling pin to give it a good whack when I come to use it!

So this time I did as my mum suggested, and after washing them I spread them on top of a later of cling film on a baking tray. I actually ended up with four layers of fruit, all separated by layers of cling film so that there weren’t any big clumps. This went into the freezer overnight, and the next morning I carefully tipped them into a freezer bag.

Well I suppose now I have options: 1 being use all of the brambles at once (bag on the right), and 2 being take out a couple at a time (bag on the left). Haha 😉


So, thanks for the tip, mum, but couldn’t you have mentioned that first time round?!

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