An extra special project!

So I’ve been holding out on you guys… I’ve been working on something extra specially special recently. Can you guess what it is?

Not my poncho pattern, although that is coming along, but… another baby! 😀


Yep, that’s not just cake and ice cream in there any more! Haha!

Do you remember the photos of the pencil skirt I made for Delia Creates? There was just a hint of a tum? Well this is what was causing it 🙂

I’m nearly 24 weeks now (due only days after Christmas!) so that third trimester is coming up fast. Which also means my wardrobe is getting smaller daily so you can expect some posts in the near future with my diy answer to a maternity wardrobe. It’s especially needed this time as baby is sitting so much lower than my first, so I’m already struggling to find trousers that do the double of staying up (nothing more annoying than having to permanently hitch up trousers that just want to sliiiiide down) and being comfortable. It’s just such a glamorous time! Or at least it will be once I sort myself out with some wardrobe staples to keep me going 😉

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated with my progress, both in crafting and baby growing!

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