Summer holidays!

So we’ve been off on our summer holidays, did you wonder why I’d been so quiet? We had a lovely fortnight camping in France, in a gorgeous little village called Bretenoux in the department of the Lot.

Funnily enough you’ll probably be aware of it, without realising! It’s a twinned/attached village, the other part of it is called Biars sur Cère, which is equally small but is home to an enormous jam factory where they make “Bonne Maman”, a brand they sell in many supermarkets here in the UK!


So there you go!

The village of Bretenoux is absolutely gorgeous, full of a charm you don’t find in big cities. The pace of life is just slower there and it’s a very refreshing change. Even the weeds in the river were covered in blossom!


It was so nice to be woken up by the singing birds (and the bin lorry once a week… That was less relaxing!) then being able to wander to the local baker for delicious fresh bread and a whole range of incredibly beautiful, and I’m told equally delicious, pastries, tarts and cakes. There’s still a market twice a week where you can buy your fresh fruit and veg, meat, cheese, and other assorted products.

We visited three of the most beautiful villages in France, and that’s not just my opinion, they are certified as such! We went to Loubressac, a dainty little village perched at the top of a cliff with spectacular views:


Carennac, again a beautiful village (you’ll see the theme here) this time on the banks of the Dordogne:


And finally Autoire, which is famous for its impressive waterfall:


One of our favourite trips was to the Gouffre de Padirac which is an incredible chasm leading to an underground cave system. You descend into the chasm via three lifts, or many stairs, then take a short walk, passed some already incredible rock formations, before climbing into little boats to continue along the underground river. At the other end are the truly spectacular sights, including stalagmites, one is shaped like a stack of plates; stalactites, one is an impressive 75m long and still growing; lakes; erosion that’s been going on since the Jurassic era. It really is quite breath taking, of you have a few minutes I highly recommend checking out the photos on the website.

Other than visiting, we did a lot of eating, cycling, swimming, walks around the village, and we played boule and after two games we had won one each so called it a day for the sake of marital harmony!

I should add I’ve been to the area many times before, but it was my husband’s first time so it was fun to see it afresh with the eyes of a tourist. Having not been for a few years I’d forgotten just quite how much I love it there!

Anyway, I’ll stop boring you with my holiday photos! Happy summer everyone 🙂

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