An outing on the tram!

Now, those of you who currently, or used to, live in Edinburgh will understand fully the implications of the word “trams”. Being over budget, late and only part of the originally proposed network (ie now only one line which doesn’t even stretch as far as it was intended to) never mind the huge disruption it caused both traffic and pedestrians, has caused most locals to mutter in disgusted frustration whenever the subject arose. I had even heard it said that the last thing you should do was say “trams” to a taxi driver, unless of course you wanted the air to turn blue inside your taxi!

But nevertheless, over these last few weeks it has been pretty exciting spotting the trams out on their test runs and actually running on the infamous line. Young sir of course thinks they’re trains, well choo choos, which is not that surprising, they do look a bit like swanky trains. We have been especially looking forward to them starting as our nearest stop is less than a five minute walk away, so we will actually benefit from them.

And as today was their first day in operation, we just had to have a turn, along with what felt like half the city! I felt like a little kid standing at the platform, eagerly looking for the next tram, ticket in hand. And I’m glad to say it was worth the wait. Not only did we get to the city centre in record time, but the views from the line are pretty spectacular along the way, and it looks like it will be much easier to use than the bus if you have small people in tow. Well, on days/times when it’s not packed with other people just as excited to be there on day one!

So all in all it’s a big thumbs up from me! I’m looking forward to my next trip 🙂



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