Make-along: Activity Advent Calendar part 2

Well it might have taken a few days to get to part 2, but I’ve been playing about with the layout and borders and such and I’m finally happy with my activity cards. Oh, and I had to learn how to include it as a file to download too! So here it is:

Activity advent calendar

This link will download 3 A4 pages in pdf format. I have included all the activities on the list in part 1 and kept a fairly straightforward layout so the individual cards will be easy to cut out. After much umming and ahhing I have also left the cards undecorated. This way they can be either left plain or decorated by hand, I’m going to do the latter.

I printed out the activities and marked the cut lines around the edges of the boxes. I used a 4mm border top and bottom and a 6mm border at the sides. I cut them out using scissors as it was too much hastle to get out my cutting mat and knife while young sir was desperately trying to get into everything today…

I used my fineliner pens to do the decorations, but any festive decorations would work. This isn’t the most detailed photo, but here are my finished activity cards. I’ve tried to theme the doodles to the activity, hopefully that’s obvious!


So I hope you will join me for part 3 where I’ll be making up the calendar ready for use! Not long to go until it’s needed!

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