Make-along: Activity Advent Calendar part 1

This year, instead of buying my wee man a chocolate advent calendar, I’ve decided to make an activity advent calendar full of lots of Christmassy activities to get us feeling festive. And I thought it would be fun to share the making process with you, in plenty of time, so that you can join in and make your own one with me!

Today I shall be sharing my list of activities that I’ve come up with, and later in the week I shall be sharing how I’m going to display the calendar. Now, first of all you will notice the obvious error that there are more than 24 items on the list. This is deliberate! My reason for it is that I wanted to make something that will still be relevant when young sir is a little/lot older, so I have included toddler-friendly activities right up to older kids/adult. And there is also the option to include religious elements (carol service) or not, if you are not religious. Or include everything and have days with multiple activities! And of course you don’t have to stick to my list, it can be a starting point for creating your very own activity advent calendar!

  1. Watch a Christmas film
  2. Make gingerbread men
  3. Put up the Christmas tree and decorate it
  4. Decorate the house/your room
  5. Make mince pies
  6. Ice the Christmas cake
  7. Go to a Christmas market
  8. Go to a Christmas party
  9. Make Christmas cards
  10. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood and deliver your cards
  11. Visit someone you haven’t seen for ages
  12. Read a Christmas story
  13. Make a festive wreath
  14. Give something to charity
  15. Wrap up warm and go outside to play (make a snowman if there’s snow!)
  16. Go for a trip to see the Christmas lights
  17. Go to a Christmas carol service
  18. Put on a Christmas CD and dance around the house
  19. Make some Christmas decorations
  20. Invite friends over for some festive fun
  21. Learn about Christmas traditions in another country
  22. A Christmas treat of your choice!
  23. Go to the library and read some new Christmas stories
  24. Random act of kindness: do something nice for someone else
  25. Choose a tasty Christmas treat and learn how to make it
  26. Christmas King or Queen: everybody draw lots and whoever wins wears a Christmas crown and gets to choose the activity
  27. Write a letter to Santa
  28. Stay up late and watch a new film with snacks
  29. Go for a wintery walk
  30. Go into town and take part in the festivities
  31. Make table decorations
  32. Hang up Christmas stockings
  33. Put out a festive treat for the birds in your garden
  34. Donate some food to an animal shelter:it’s Christmas time for them too!
  35. Phone a friend or family member you won’t see over the holidays

So join me again later this week for the next step: making up the calendar!


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