My Veg Patch

So this year I have created a little veg patch in my gardern. I was a little worried for a while that nothing would come of it as the soil had been under gravel and one of those anti-weed mats for a long time. We first had to remove all the stones, then the ground needed dug over three times before we could even think about planting anything in it. Lots of hard work, which we hoped would be worth it in the end, but if nothing else was a lot cheaper than joining the gym!

As you may remember it was still cold very late on in the spring this year, so for a long time none of the seeds I planted wanted to poke their little heads up through the soil, and I was feeling kinda sad that my project hadn’t worked. But finally the nice weather did arrive, with just enough rain to keep everything healthy, and all of a sudden things began to happen. We came back from our family holiday to find not the tiny seedlings we had left, but this:


Which was a nice surprise! I’m not quite sure why some of the plants had already gone to seed (I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert gardener!), maybe it was the strange seasons. So out they came to leave more space for the healthy plants.

This gave us our first taste of the crops we had put all the effort into planting, caring for and finally picking. And, in a word: delicious!


Now, it’s been three weeks since that first photo of the patch, and look how much it has come on:


The curly kale seems to be trying to take over the world, but then the cabbage, turnip, broccolli, brussel sprouts, beetroot and peas aren’t exactly being too shy about coming out either! This next picture is the kale after I have chopped a huge amount off it. You can hardly tell the difference!


The peas are incredible. Young sir was so delighted with them we just popped open a pod and had a snack of fresh peas, just minutes off the plant:


The first of the yellow beetroot is looking ready too. I’ve never tried it before so I’m not really sure what to do with it! But it’s one of these ingredients that people like Jamie Oliver always use so I thought I’d give it a try. If you have any suggestions let me know as I’ve got lots of it!


And I’m really excited that the broccolli is starting to … erm … broc? He he, you see what I mean: the edible part is beginning to grow.


Even the rhubarb, which is a cutting from my parents’ garden, is doing well. We actually ate this tasty lot for pudding last night, a little tart but still yummy 🙂


The only down side I’ve found to home grown veg, and it really is a minor one, is having to find and remove all the little bugs before cooking. My mum thinks I’m mad as I insisted on rescuing and rehoming the catterpillars, but as someone who likes butterflies I don’t really understand her complaint! And as someone told me: it’s better to be washing off bugs than chemicals. Very true!

So basically what I’m trying to say is: here’s to summer, gardening and growing your own!



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