Shower Caddy to Craft Storage

I imagine that most serial crafters have the same problem I keep encountering: that of a lack of storage! There always seems to be something lying about without a home to go to.

So I was really pleased when I realised I already had something kicking about that I could use. This old shower caddy has been hanging in my under stairs cupboard, and was looking a bit rusty and unloved:


So I cracked out the Cillit Bang and got scrubbing! And luckily it came up gleaming.

Once it dried off it was time to get the tool box out… Always a good project when you need a hammer to finish it off! I used some pictures tacks and, to give it a little extra stability, I also put on a couple of cable clips.


Then came the fun part: decorating it and filling it up! I had a few silk flowers left over from my wedding and I thought they looked nice just tucked through the bars. Then with a little organising, all the little bits that had been cluttering up my desk finally found a home! Extra storage in less than 15 minutes!


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